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Mukashi mukashi, Japanese Folktales

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“Mukashi Mukashi“ is a collection of Japanese folktales for children.
It consists of 4 books, with 3 stories in each book.
“Mukashi Mukashi“ means “Once upon a time“ in Japanese.


Kotchi Kotchi

The ultimate Japan Guide for travellers in Japan !

Sake’s secrets

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An introduction to the japanese sake, by a french Saké sommelier.


Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard
Graphic novel

Foreign publishing

10/2017 – Japanese
Éditions Shodensha 祥伝社

08/2018 – English
Tuttle Publishing

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Japanese’s monkeys Wild life photographic book

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Nippon no Haikyo

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Hospitals, hotels, houses, villages, amusement parks and even abando- ned islands, Japan is full of abandoned places. These places are often left intact, reflecting a bygone era. This book is a journey through 35 incredibles venues, including the ghost island Gunkanjima, which became famous thanks to the James Bond movie, Skyfall, who used it as a background. The author offers us amazing pictures but also texts and testimonies about the history of each place.

• An unknown Japan :
A different and complementary approach of Japan.
• Discovering the story of Japan :
Through genuine investigative inquiries, the reader discovers the japanese daily life in the past decades.

The Author
Jordy Meow is living and working in Japan. He specializes in urban exploration photography (urbex) and visit hundreds of abandoned places in Japan and Europe. He is the creator of the website

256 pages | 23 cm x 29 cm

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Japan’s Seasons

A zen journey through the four seasons in Japan, from spring with cherry blossoms to autumn and red maple leaves. The reader can colors the beautiful original illustrations by Nancy Peña while meditating with inspiring haiku.

• A hymn to Japan’s seasons
• Original artwork and quality
• A thick paper, allowing to color with markers and pencils

More than just a coloring book, a book to color, look, read and meditate.

The Author

Nancy Peña published her first highly acclaimed album “Le cabinet chinois” followed by many other books : “La Guilde de la mer”, “Le Chat du Kimono” and “Les Nouvelles Aventures du Chat Botté”. In 2010, Nancy Peña was nominated in the official selection of Angoulême Comic Book Festival for her album “Tea Party”. She’s currently working on the series “Médée” published by Castermann editions.

112 pages | 21 cm x 28 cm

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Foreign publishing :
2016 – Vietnamese
Innovative Publishing & Media

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Tokyo Ohanami
A stroll through cherry blossoms

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Tokyo Ohanami - Balade sous les cerisiers

In Japan, after a long winter, cherry blossoms announce the arrival of spring : It’s called «Ohanami». For the first time of the year, it’s time to picnic with friends, family or colleagues. But this time is ephemeral, rain and wind can kill within hours these fragile flowers.

In the first part of the book, immerse yourself in the Ohanami atmosphere in Tokyo megalopolis, through 200 photos of ten popular sites.

The Author : Alexandre Bonnefoy is professional illustrator and photographer for 10 years. He lived in Japan from 2010 to 2012.

224 pages | 21 cm x 25 cm

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Kokekokko !

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16  Artists, 16 experiences of Japan.
Whether expatriate for many years or tourist for a few weeks, the authors of this 320 pages comics books take us on a journey trough unusual encounters, poetic or funny stories and daily life in Japan (far from being zen and quiet…)

16 Authors
Rémi Maynègre, Yllya, Cyrielle, Florent Chavouet, Remka, Yatuu, Jibé, Alexandre Bonnefoy, Delphine Vaufrey, Priscilla Moore, Dreamy, Julie Blanchin, Sylvie Bessard, Martin Faynot, Nini, Ulysses Malassagne.

320 pages | 17 cm x 24 cm

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